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Make your Accord Turbo sounding with our Turbo Whistler!

Do all your friends have Honda Turbo Cars?  The best part of a Honda Turbo is the sound. You can get the sound of a Honda Turbo without the cost for 
the Kit and installation. Honda Turbo Kits cost thousands for the Civic Turbo or accord turbo sound. The Turbo Whistler gives the Honda Turbo sound for fraction of the price. You can have the Honda Turbo sound for $19.95!!!!  You can intimidate other cars when you fly by and sound like you have a Honda turbo, civic turbo or accord turbo car. Honda Turbo, Civic Turbo, and Accord Turbo for Less!!!!!!!

Costs for the Honda Turbo Sound

  $2500 (Honda Turbo Kit) + $1000 (Installation) = $3500+

$19.95 (Turbo Whistler) + $0 (installation) = $19.95 

What are you going to choose?


Above is a video of our fake turbo
Below you can see videos of real Honda turbo

This Turbo Whistler will make your Honda Turbo sounding. It will fool everyone into thinking you have a civic Turbo.  The Turbo Whistlers are cheap alternative to buying  $3500+ Turbo kit, and much easier to install. The Turbo Whistler installs under 2 minutes. You can have your civic Turbo in no time. The Turbo whistler is easy  to install,. Anyone can do it. Turbo Whistler can make your accord Turbo sounding. 

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Turbo Whistlers are perfect for making any Honda turbo sound. Its the perfect gift for Christmas or birthday.
You can make your friends Civic Turbo sounding and your Accord Turbo also. Cheap Accord Turbo

Make your Accord turbo Sounding!

Here are the advantages of having a Turbo Whistler!
-You can have the Turbo sound without the cost of a $3500 Kit
-Easy Installation, you don't have to pay for installation of your Turbo Whistler
-The Civic Turbo and Accord Turbo won't void warranties.
-Your can trick friends into thinking you have a Civic Turbo or Accord Turbo
-Perfect for Car Clubs, The Civic Turbo cars will sound the same
-You can have your Civic Turbo or Accord Turbo and not worry about blowing engines.
-You engine lasts longer than a real civic turbo or accord turbo
-Civic turbo and Accord Turbo install easy in Muffler.


Make Honda Turbo Sound Today for only $19.95!!!!

Please allow 7-10 days for your Turbo Whistler to arrive.
Once you get the Turbo Whistler in the mail your have your civic Turbo in minutes

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Turbo Whistlers For Honda Turbo Sound
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